Andre Alonzo Chambers

The childhood of Andre Alonzo Chambers was anything from normal. He was continually looking beyond what was right in front of him to see what further might be done. Andre has come a long way thanks to that epiphany, which he credits for much of his success, both early in life and now.

About Me:

Taking Control of the Tech Horse:
When Andre Chambers was only 20 years old, he began influencing others via the use of high technology. To some extent, this made sense; the world was swiftly shifting toward new tools and surroundings, and those who jumped on board early would stand to gain the most from the shift. 20 years ago, no one could have predicted the financial and communicative clout that gadgets the size of a hand now wield. Today's smartphones are as powerful as network servers were in the 1990s.

Leadership is a natural progression for everyone who has ever held a position of authority:
When Andre saw how powerful computers might be, he swiftly rose through the ranks. Before he was old enough to drink, he was already a team supervisor at a software business. Small and medium-sized enterprises, he believed, might fill voids left by larger competitors who got stuck or needed some extra agile support. As a 22-year-old software entrepreneur, Andre Chambers was already operating his own consulting firm and offering technical assistance to some of the biggest names in the industry. Andre's own staff and workers were signing their own paychecks instead. In addition, the customer list wasn't some kind of slush fund either. To name a few of Andre's clients: Toyota, AFLAC, State Auto, as well as a number of other large corporations.

Taking a Chance:
Neither Andre nor his eggs were placed in a single basket. The unstable real estate market in the early 2000s provided him with an excellent opportunity to work on investment opportunities in real estate as well. Having assets in at least three different states, Andre Chambers was able to see significant variations in regional markets, local economies, and property prices. As a result, Andre was able to build a multi-million dollar business empire out of a small portfolio of only three properties.

It's time to make a major life shift:
Andre Chambers, on the other hand, determined that when the year 2020 came, it was time to make a significant life shift. In the end, he was fed up with the continual chasing associated with a worldwide consulting business, as well as the amount of time he spent away from his family. The moment has come for something new. As a result, Chambers shifted gears radically and began spending more time in close proximity to his family's front line. During the first COVID attack, Chambers worked long hours at local small companies to help them survive, and he sought new ways to give back to the community.

Starting to Have a More Diverse Perspective:
Andre was able to take more time for himself and have a more positive outlook on life as a result. The entrepreneur developed a passion for BBQing, particularly when it came to smoking meat to achieve intense taste. On major meal days, Andre accumulated a large collection of grilling equipment, which included a smoker and two grills that could be used to cook at the same time.

Travel was certainly a huge part of the fun. Andre came to see that the world is much more than simply markets and positions. The former CEO of a high-tech business took excursions ranging from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to the Alps and southern Germany-Bavaria, as well as basic camping trips throughout the area.

Andre's own drive wasn't fully extinguished by all of the foregoing. In his older years, he still had a strong desire to explore, create, push, and develop new company ideas. Andre has a history of rescuing concepts and businesses that were on the verge of failure, such as DMV ASAP. In places where others just see rubbish, he has discovered gold, and he recovers fresh resources from the waste that others toss. DMV ASAP, which Andre resurrected from a shattered shell in 2020, provided him with yet another option for work and internet success. Andre, on the other hand, remembers his background and doesn't keep that achievement to himself. As a member of the Las Vegas community, he has made significant contributions to local schools by way of donations of time, money, and technology. The local Boys and Girls Club, homeless aid organizations, and Big Brothers Big Sisters were all beneficiaries of his generosity.

Keeping an Eye on the Future:
Andre Chambers is fully aware of the fact that life will continue to throw curves and breakthroughs at him. Resilience and the capacity to bounce back from setbacks are the keys to making it through this ordeal unscathed. There will never be a day when everything goes according to plan, so don't worry about it. It's inevitable that something will go awry, yet such detours might also open the door to something greater. For decades, Chambers has conducted his life in accordance with this principle, and he has achieved considerable success as a result.